Mindful Calligraphy


by Lucy Mellor

01 / 05 / 2019

Mindful Calligraphy & Lettering workshops with Mellor&Rose in Lancashire/ Yorkshire/ Merseyside

At our workshops, we’ll be starting from the very beginning covering the basic fundamentals of this modern yet versatile lettering style - learning the upper and lower alphabets then moving onto forming words and onto stylised phrases in a variety of design layouts to demonstrate the possibilities with your lettering.

During our relaxed workshops, we have been told people find learning calligraphy relaxing and begin to slow down, clearing their mind of the mundane  - calligraphy is a form of practising mindfulness without consciously acknowledging it!

Practising mindfulness comes in a whole variety of forms but with calligraphy, the main areas are naturally encouraged making a pretty good duo - taking 10, 15 minutes or 2 hours a day here and there to sit down with pen in hand lettering up a design or tag can actually be your way of practising mindfulness. Practising needn't be for hours on end seeking this inner peace everyone is after - take and make time for yourself and see how you can learn something new and rather aesthetically pleasing. 

As a general overview, mindfulness focuses on being in the present moment more often, taking it steady and self-appreciation, no need to worry about the laundry - all about the now and what you’re doing in this present moment. 

This works great with calligraphy as learning to letter requires a fair bit of concentration to get the hang of this new skill and if you’ve ever tried your hand at calligraphy you’ll know that you physically have to slow down your pace or the pen will be too scratchy on the paper - so it has a great dual purpose. Also, as this is something new and calligraphy can’t be mastered in afternoon, we take a laid back approach to this art form - nice and easy is a good way to be when we're lettering.

Take pleasure in seeing your development and your own style come through in your designs - no need to be 100% precise with exact repetition and mirroring of each and every letter as that’s what a computer is for!


When sitting down and getting your pen and ink out - have something in mind, doesn't have to be drawn out exact in your mind but a glimpse of something you’re keen to get down on the paper - lay out your spacing and then have a go and get started - focus on the pen gliding on the paper (this gives a great gauge of your pace and how you’re angling the pen too).

• get comfortable 

• both feet on the floor

• steady your breathing

• cup of tea nearby 


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