Kind Words

I’ve now done two of these amazing workshops...Beginners Modern Calligraphy and Beginning Brush Lettering and had a super time at both. I came to Modern Calligraphy with absolutely no experience, so was delighted to find that by the end of the workshop I could form lovely letters and words. No body was more surprised than me! Brush Lettering is a different skill, but again by the end of the evening I’d got a grip of the basics. I put it down to gentle tutoring, plentiful encouragement, and steady progression through the exercises. I’d highly recommend these workshops to anyone who’d like to try lettering.


Beginners Modern Calligraphy & Introductory Brush Lettering workshops with Mellor and Rose
Beginners Modern Calligraphy & Introductory Brush Lettering workshops with Mellor and Rose
Beginners Modern Calligraphy & Introductory Brush Lettering workshops with Mellor and Rose
Beginners Modern Calligraphy & Introductory Brush Lettering workshops with Mellor and Rose

I have been to 3 Mellor & Rose Modern Calligraphy classes so far and have enjoyed every minute! Beverley is a very patient and generous teacher and makes sure that each student in the class receives individual attention to get everyone up and running quickly. The pack of course materials was comprehensive and allowed me to keep practising the lettering at home. After 2 classes I felt capable of tackling the envelopes for my wedding invitations, and now I'm happy with the basics I'm able to become more creative and experiment with my style. Thank you Beverley for introducing me to such a relaxing and creative new hobby!


I have been to the beginners modern calligraphy, beginners brush lettering and the beginners Christmas brush lettering and thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes. The amount of progress I have made in such a short time is amazing. Beverley and Polly are excellent teachers and give fantastic guidance, they spend lots of time with each member of the class, so much is covered. Lucy who handles the booking side is so helpful. Thank you to all at Mellor & Rose!


Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop - very patient and attentive teacher, learnt loads and feel very inspired to continue. Lovely group of people too. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you.


Have done 3 calligraphy workshops with Beverley from Mellor & Rose. Loved them all and once I get time to practice my skills learnt so far I look forward to learning more. Highly recommend to anyone.


I've done two classes with Mellor&Rose now and loved every moment! Not only did I learn something new creatively, I also met lots of wonderful people (including Beverley who is just the most incredible lady!!) had a good natter and ate biscuits! Although I've now been taught the skills to feel confident in modern calligraphy I can't wait to do more classes and learn new techniques! If you've been thinking about doing a class just go for it! You won't regret it.


I recently did beginners calligraphy followed by brush and chalkboard lettering classes. I loved them and would definitely look to book onto follow up courses in the future.

Calligraphy was a great starting point and showed me the basics which helped with brush lettering. Chalk was really good and helped me learn about design and spacing as well as font styles. 

Beverley is a great teacher, really encouraging and made me feel very comfortable. I met some lovely people on the course and felt very relaxed. I would definitely recommend!


I’ve attended both the Beginners Modern Calligraphy and the Brush Lettering workshop and loved both of them! The course is well thought out and great value for money. I learnt so much in both classes, much more than I thought I could in a couple of hours and I can’t wait to attend more workshops. Beverley is a lovely lady and has given me the confidence to take what I have learnt in her classes further. She spends time with each individual to ensure they get the most out of the class. I highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in lettering or would just like to learn a new skill!