Bullet Journal Lettering: Getting Started


by Polly Mellor

21 / 11 / 2018

If you're looking to add something a little different to your bullet journal, then try killing it with a combination of cool punchy brush styles alongside some creative doodling - it looks great and will transform your journal month by month.



If you fancy taking your bullet journalling to the next level or if you are only just starting a bullet journal (or a journal/ notebook of any sort) all you’ll need to get cracking is a notebook with good quality paper and a couple of different types of pens to switch things up creating even more vibrant and exciting pages. 

A good idea is to also always leave a couple of pages blank for lettering practice as this will look and feel nice to have all our lettering ideas and templates in one place to look back on your progress and also a place to keep those great design ideas safe (nothing worse than losing that stray piece of paper with your best idea on!).


A5 is the perfect size for chucking in your bag and lettering on-the-go - it also seems to be the most popular and for good reason. Paper quality is something rather important and you’re ideally  looking for a smooth finish - this is to ensure the pens don’t ‘bleed’ onto the paper, as we’re looking for a dense and exact finish. It can be ringbinded or leather bond - it’s all down to your own preference - so long as it’s durable and will do the job. Bullet Journals can come plain, dotted, lined, etc with lots to choose from with some journals/ notebooks even having two styles in one! The excitement is strong with this one.



There is a wide range and variety of pens to use, but we don’t want to dilute the great lettering you create with the scribbled down grocery list.  A normal BIC biro is always a good choice as you can also draw with these pens but also use them for any normal writing you wish to write in your journal. One of our favourites is the Graphik Line Painters, which offer varying thickness options so you can create both thick and thin lettering - the popular characteristic style of modern lettering.  And of course the trusty Tombow! This one is absolutely essential for brush lettering and creating that characteristic lettering style. We’ve tried a lot (a really do mean a lot, our stationery draw looks like a museum of some sorts) and the Tombow is our most reliable tool.  With a good steady flow of ink each time, it provides a dense colour on the page. The life span is  consistent which is good as you know you won’t have to buy another straight away after lettering up one page.

It is a very durable pen which has a strong brush tip so you can really apply pressure to create thick downstrokes with very fine light upstrokes, allowing you to create that great contrast. The matte finish barrel is good, as to prevent your hand from slipping down the barrel unlike a few alternatives which result in your hand touching the paper… smudge alert!


If you fancy trying your hand at lettering, either for the first time or revising your skill, to use for your Bullet Journal or notebook - then we may have something for you to try! We host our Introductory Brush Lettering workshops at venues across the North West of England - click the link below to see where we’re heading next!

See you there!

Words by Polly Mellor

Photos & Layout by Lucy Mellor

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