PlannerFest 2019 in Manchester


by Polly Mellor

26 / 07 / 2019

PlannerFest 2019 Manchester with Mellor and Rose // Mellor&Rose

A festival for planners? Count me in.

For us stationery lovers, a good planner is pretty much better than anything - our crème de la crème. Now, next month we're at PlannerFest in Manchester: a whole festival devoted to them and all things stationery!


PlannerFest, founded by a keen planner herself, is a all-day festival for planners and stationery fans, involving presentations, workshops (Brush Lettering workshop from us!), 21 shops and even campfire sessions for more intimate brain storming discussions on creativity with likeminded people. 

PlannerFest is taking place in Manchester on the Saturday 27th July from 10am till 6pm, making it a go-to event for all self-proclaimed ‘planner fanatics’.

Upper Campfield Market Hall, Barton Street (off Deansgate), Manchester, England M3 4FH, United Kingdom

PlannerFest 2019 Manchester with Mellor and Rose // Mellor&Rose
PlannerFest 2019 Manchester with Mellor and Rose // Mellor&Rose


The experience is from 10am-6pm and at 2pm, we will be hosting our very own 1 hour Brush Lettering Taster Workshop that will also include introductory practice sheets for you to delve into. Plus a ABT Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pen will be yours to take home and practise with (getting pen to paper in your planners).

Our 1-hour taster session will cover the basics of the stylish, on-trend brush lettering style. Learning the fundamentals of a light pressure upstroke and heavy pressure downstroke to get the characteristics of the ‘calligraphy’ style. Lettering is a great element to use within planners and journals, to give some flair and a touch of creativity into planning. Similarly, the use of lettering is also great for Bullet Journaling, to fill your journal with vibrancy with the wide range of coloured brush pens (now available on the market through brands like Tombow). Brush Lettering and calligraphy are also within the realm of ‘mindfulness’, acting a relaxing, de-stress activity that simultaneously allows a creative outlet.

Brush lettering is also a diverse skill that goes beyond being used for planners, allowing you to even create your own wall art (because everybody loves a good show-off). So, make sure to stop by at PlannerFest 2019 for our Brush Lettering Taster Workshop and pick up a free Tombow brush pen.

We also host regular full length Introductory Brush Lettering workshops across the North of England, so please have a browse at what we get up to!


£39 // 2.5 hours // Includes Starter Kit & Refreshments

Liverpool • CASS Art // Saturday July 13th at 11am

St Annes • Vintage Sewing Bunny // Sunday July 14th at 11am

Mawdesley • Cedar Farm // Thursday August 15th at 6:30pm

PlannerFest 2019 Manchester with Mellor and Rose // Mellor&Rose


by Polly Mellor


by Polly Mellor


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