Plan with me - September


by Lucy Mellor


Plan with me - September // Mellor and Rose / Mellor & Rose

As we’re nearing the end of August - we thought we’d brainstorm some ideas for next month’s spread in our notebook. Here’s a look at what we’re thinking.

We usually start off our month on the left page, as our eyes move from left to right, and this also keeps a loose structure for each month. This also helps us when jumping through the months. Plus, it’s a full double spread which gives us a distinctive starting point! The second page, on our right, is usually our overview page of big calendar space where we can jot down a few events and have a quick look at where we’re heading - it also eases us into the full month of varying tasks and goals.

Then, we move onto the more segmented pages - which have a lot of varying and rather crucial content for us. This page is usually fairly full - with short term and long term goals along with a couple of areas to look at/ keep an eye on for the month. We usually include more brush lettering to break up the rhythm of ‘the to do lists’ bringing a lighter feel. We’ll add more display pages with full page lettering (as it’s what we love to do!). Usually a motivational quote here and there keeps us all going and is always a relaxing one to letter.

The theme for September is autumnal - our first ages says September in big lettering just to make it super obvious which month we’re in - which is useful when flicking through the pages. For this month, we’re using a lot of browns, light browns - more like a burnt orange along with the trusty black Tombow!

For the first page of the month (see snap below), we’ve aligned the design in the centre of the page with our illustration positioned underneath the lettering. We can also place the illustration (sprig etc.) at the left or right of the lettering with our lettering slighting off centre but the overall design layout with be central. We’ve complimented the brush script style of ‘September’ with sans serif as to keep the emphasis on ‘September’.

Plan with me - September // Mellor and Rose / Mellor & Rose

Our first calendar of the month is big - it catches the eye simply because of the scale. We usually don’t add too much colour as to not distract us from the more important and functional elements of our notebook; such as keeping track of our deadlines/ appointments.

Putting things in boxes automatically separates things in our mind. This helps us focus on specific tasks in hand - ones which require our attention. A good one for goals! Plus, we have a bit more lettering to both fill the space and also if we have just a load of boxes on the page, it can become a little repetitive.

Plan with me - September // Mellor and Rose / Mellor & Rose


by Polly Mellor & Beverley Mellor


by Lucy Mellor

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