What's Chalk Lettering?


by Lucy Mellor


Chalk Lettering workshop with Mellor & Rose

Hand lettering is essentially drawing artistic letters - either in a calligraphy style or any of the huge range of hand lettering styles. These are generally created firstly through sketching out letter shapes, particularly when we’re starting out - then when we’re happy with the letters we start inking or chalking them in.

Hand lettering and chalk lettering is a fabulous ‘display’ style of lettering which has so many varieties. You can create ‘one off’ pieces like quotations, signage with illustrations such as lovely leaves and foliage for weddings. Plus, designing good looking menus for parties and embellishments along with inspirational words for the home. Sizing and scale is something as we become more experienced - we can switch up to larger letters as well as how to manipulate your lettering - working on how to layout and plan your chalkboard design.

Chalk Lettering workshop with Mellor & Rose Lancashire

Introductory Chalk Lettering workshop

Our Mellor & Rose Chalk Lettering workshops begin by learning how to form the three basic letterforms; calligraphy script, a cool straight upper alphabet contrast style (sans serif) and serif style with a fantastic drop shadow effect. In our 2 and a half hour Introductory workshop, we firstly learn from lettering templates on A3 sheets of paper before moving onto a chalkboard - to get started using chalk and then onto chalk pens which have a semi permanent effect.

Learning hand lettering is amazingly versatile and simply put, great fun to do! Like modern calligraphy, chalk lettering is a ‘slow’ art form and very therapeutic as it gives us permission to slow down and focus. During our workshops, the art of mindful and lovely calligraphy energises us whilst also creating some pretty cool looking chalk boards!

Chalk Lettering workshop with Mellor & Rose


by Polly Mellor & Beverley Mellor


by Lucy Mellor

If you fancy trying your hand at Chalk Lettering + joining us on a workshop, please drop us a message!

We currently host workshops in Lytham, Southport, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Ormskirk, Clitheroe & Fleetwood


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