CASS ART Calligraphy


by Lucy Mellor


CASS ART Calligraphy

We're big fans of calligraphy, art shops, travelling and meeting fellow artists. Here we find our fondness for the CASS ART Calligraphy selection in store + online!

We are regulars of the CASS ART Liverpool store, hosting our Calligraphy + Lettering workshops in the Art Space at 18 School Ln, Liverpool L1 3BT. With a cool vibe throughout the store and music to match, you are free to roam all the materials and utensils on offer - easing into the relaxing atmosphere of a lovely and organised art shop. We began hosting our Workshops focusing predominantly on Modern Calligraphy as this was perhaps the most 'well known' style of hand lettering at the time. Now, we teach everything and with constantly progressing into new style of hand lettering to quench your thirst for more! Did somebody say Blackletter? We're thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our own CASS ART Calligraphy Exhibition in Liverpool next month from August 10th till August 31st!

Now, that's enough of me talking - let's take a look at the different styles of hand lettering and how you can get started with only a pen and good quality pad of paper. We currently teach 3 style of hand lettering; Dip, Brush + Chalk - all require different pens to bring the desired effect to life but also share their own similarities, lending to one another is one effortless swoop!

CASS ART Calligraphy with Mellor & Rose


The mindful and slow art of Calligraphy has had some what of a renaissance over the past couple of years with more and more people intrigued as to what it's all about and how they themselves can have a bit of the action everyone's talking about! In our Calligraphy Workshops, we learn Modern Calligraphy - clean contrasting strokes. In our CASS ART Calligraphy Workshops - we use a dip pen and pot of ink, dipping every few letters to keep the flow. We begin with learning the differing pressures to create those characteristic thick and thin contrasting strokes so striking within the world of hand lettering. We'll learn the entire alphabet; upper and lower case alphabets then we'll progress onto joining up those individual letters to create words and phrases - we work on different papers to see how the ink reacts to glossier paper plus black ink on brown paper looks pretty lovely! From here, we delve into the layout elements of hand lettering - looking into varying ways to put your designs on paper (not only on a straight line!) along with the use of ornaments to shape our designs and bring some pop!


As we delve into the world of hand lettering, new and exciting elements begin to appear and we see that there is always space to learn and grow your own lettering style. This is where Brush Lettering comes in! It's a really exciting style of hand lettering; it's big, it's bold and can be crazy colourful if you fancy. There is a whole range of Brush Pens out there, all with their own merits and price points. For us, after trying lots of different ones all from different shops and types of art shops, we have found that the TOMBOW ABT Dual Brush Pen works wonders. It's durable and lasts such a long time, considering the pressure applied to the nib, whilst keeping a gorgeous dense colour. With the TOMBOW pens there is a huge choice of colours if you're keen to create a bright and beautiful design piece. We tend to stick with black and any darker shades as they work so well.



There's little we love more than getting the green light to letter up a humungous chalkboard! From drafting out the design to altering shapes and sizes of lettering and ornaments - chalkboards focus on the whole design and as the lettering is on such a large scale there is so much freedom to try varying styles. We are scheduled to host our first Chalk Lettering Workshop at CASS ART Liverpool just before Christmas.

The choice of CASS ART Calligraphy materials is extensive, suiting many types of calligraphers


We are super excited to announce our upcoming CASS ART Calligraphy Exhibition! All focused on the world of Lettering, Design and the Mindful qualities. It's going to be exciting and we'd love to see you there!

August 10th - August 31st!


by Polly Mellor & Beverley Mellor


by Lucy Mellor

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