Thanks for dropping by, we're Mellor & Rose and we're all about Event Calligraphy, Design, Workshops and Experiences. 

As a little intro, we are Mellor & Rose - a family business made up of Beverley Mellor, Polly Mellor and Lucy Mellor who are passionate about sharing the joys of Calligraphy and all the wonderful benefits it offers in terms of mindful creativity. Originally founded Beverley - from her background of over 20 years in design, working with brands and predominantly creating their branding identity. Mellor & Rose Workshops were created in 2017 when Polly and I also jumped on board.

We host Workshops in Modern Calligraphy, Brush Lettering, Chalk Lettering and Handwriting, create Live Event Calligraphy (currently calligraphers for Chanel and their live events) and our latest work for the relaunch of H&M’s Manchester flagship. 

Along with Wedding Calligraphy Workshops and Mindful Calligraphy Sessions - with the primary focus of relaxation and simply picking up a pen for pure enjoyment. Particularly relevant in these times when we are all seeking something calming and relaxing. If you fancy joining us on an upcoming Workshop or working with us on an event, please simply get in touch with Lucy as would be lovely to hear from you!

About Mellor & Rose Calligraphy


We have been delighted to see calligraphy and handlettering having a reprised popularity with more and more people interested in the art form and interested to learn the technique. If you find yourself scrolling through your socials and come across some calligraphy and think this is a bit of you, please have a browse over our upcoming workshops - with a variety of styles to delve into you will most definitely find yourself graduating towards one over the others. 

Modern Calligraphy Workshops with Mellor & Rose


Mellor & Rose offer in-store Live Event Personalisation; Calligraphy on name tags, cards, envelopes, messages alongside personalised engraving on bottles for perfumes, beauty or drinks. Personalisation work brilliantly for a new product launch, seasonal (Valentines or Christmas), special promotion or a re-brand/ store opening. Our Calligraphy services are available across the UK - with 3 Calligraphers we can cater events of various scales. Simply get in touch if we may be of some help to you and your upcoming event - we look forward to hearing from you.

Mellor & Rose Live Event Calligraphy Personalisation and Workshops


Mellor & Rose offer In-Store Workshops; Taster Sessions, 1 Hour Workshops and simply trying your hand at Calligraphy! We have the pleasure of working with brands for launches, pop-ups, in-store brand activation along with influencer events - if we can help with your event, please simply get in touch with Lucy - we'd love to hear from you.

Mellor & Rose Live Event Calligraphy Personalisation and Workshops